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We are on a mission to change lives through one donation at a time.

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Supporting Families Through Our Initiative 

Adeline Lucas Foundation, Inc. recognizes the impact that homelessness has on families and we will work diligently to procure resources for the families we work with, through community-based support.

As a private nonprofit organization in Palm Beach, Florida, we provide community-based support and valuable resources to homeless women and children who have suffered from chronic homelessness, episodic homelessness, and domestic violence. Through initiatives and programs such as food drives and counseling resources, we facilitate a safe space for our families to thrive and be successful.

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We are on a mission to change lives through one donation at a time. Any contribution you can make to our initiative, will facilitate our mission. Call us now at (561) 291-2390, to make a contribution and to join our initiative.


At Adeline Lucas Foundation Inc., we believe that everyone deserves access to resources that improve their quality of life.

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