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The Mission 

Begins Here

We are on a mission to change lives through one donation

at a time.

email us directly: [email protected]

Who We Are

Adeline Lucas Foundation, Inc. is a public nonprofit organization located in Palm Beach, Florida. We offer community-based support to homeless women and children.

What Drives Us

Our goal is to reintegrate families back into society, through sustainable and long term resources.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Hope L. Rivera Matthews, our founder and director, founded and named our organization in honor of her maternal grandmother.

As a resident of South Florida, she strives to make a difference by providing support to homeless families in the community. Aside from founding our private nonprofit organization, Hope also volunteers and is a supporter of other charitable organizations that also serve Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

She also served as a member of the Western Communities Non-Congregate Shelter Neighborhood Oversight Panel for Belle Glade, Florida. Hope has an extensive educational background in Psychology. Over a ten-year time, frame, she has researched homelessness and poverty as a part of her published educational presentation essays as well as in her master’s capstone research project. Hope has also researched and studied psychiatric disorders extensively.

She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Mercer University, in Atlanta Georgia and her Master of Arts in Psychology, from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, in Chicago Illinois. Hope is currently pursuing post Doctorate Psychiatric studies, and she has successfully completed her final year of her Doctorate studies in Educational Psychology and Technology, at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  

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Adeline Lucas Foundation, Inc. A 501(c)(3)